Adrián S. Bará (Mexico City, 1982)
Lives and works in Guadalajara

Adrián S. Bará’s art practice combines his education and exercise as a filmmaker, his interest for visual narratives, and his empirical approaches to everyday situations. His work is generated through the appropriation of visual elements and materials taken from his immediate environment, which are presented as the traces of a story of contemporary reality and are arranged as fragments to compose new narratives.

Interested in the processes of everyday life, the artist inserts himself in specific scenarios in order to produce his work from experience, dealing with the images and components that serve as reference to the context and the events he witnesses. It is the dynamism of these encounters what triggers the exercise of narrative re-composition and allows the artist to work with hermeneutical processes. Therefore, Bará has experimented with different formal disciplines within a language strongly influenced by cinematography, configuring a body of work that consist of actions, still and moving images, iconography reproduction, and object intervention.

MOBILE. (044) 333 464 7910